Once Upon a Time...

there lived a chubby princess. She lived in a tower with her two wolves, and spent her days spinning and singing. She dreamt of the day when a dashing knight would whisk her away to a distant land. To a land that was warm, and a home that was cozy and full of love.

This princess happened upon a suitor or two or three while she was waiting. Remembering her third cousin Tiana had kissed a frog and scored an enchanted prince, the chubby princess decided to give it a whirl. She kissed a few frogs, and a few more, and even a few more after that, but sadly frogs they all remained. One even turned into a snake, but that's another story.

At last one lovely autumn day, she met a Space Ranger. True, he wasn't a prince, but charming, funny, and cute nonetheless.

End of Chapter 1.

From Slug to Ugh

6 months and 1 week to go. Am trying to run (more like jog/walk) 3 days a week right now. Did 2.3 miles yesterday in 40 min. Crikey that's slow.

This is my "From Slug to Ugh" phase and it sucks. Plantar fasciitis is acting up, but my orthotic inserts are hard plastic and designed for street shoes, not running. Looking into some insoles for runners with high arches. Hoping that will help.