DisneyGroom’s Year in Review and a Salute to All Nations (But Mostly America)

I know my last post did not include my usual humorous tone. So buckle-up and enjoy. Every blogger on the internet is doing a Year in Review, so you certainly don't want to read another one.  Instead, I’ll include some predictions for next year and a couple of suggestions for new runDisney products. 
Prepare yourself- this will be my last post for 2013. No need to be sad. You will just have to wait until next year for more of my wit and insight.

Mark 2013 as the year DisneyBride created a monster.

During 2012, DisneyBride and I had only done a couple of 5Ks.  Then in 2013, the monster appeared. Somehow I managed to complete eleven 5Ks, one 8K, one 20K, one half marathon, and two marathons.  Now I am looking forward to my first endurance series (Dopey Challenge). It is quite amazing what can be accomplished when you are married to the ultimate enabler. 

More important than just completing the races, (and I never in a million year thought I would say this) I now enjoy running. It takes about 7ish miles for me to hit my stride, but when I do, don’t step in front of me. Even more impressive, I have managed to get DisneyBride to a place where she enjoys trails. (I probably have nothing to do with this change, but as much as she resisted hiking while we were dating, I am going to call this a victory for me). 

Looking Forward

runDisney challenges
Dopey, Glass Slipper, Dumbo Double Dare, Coast to Coast. BRING IT!  I'm taking it all!

I hope to run a 50K towards the end of 2014. I have a few options for races in my area, so we will have to see what level of crazy I want to achieve. Further, I hope to run a marathon with DisneyBride. (I can hear her laughing across town.) This may be the most ambitious goal for the year, she has been pretty adamant that she has no desire to run anything longer than a half.

If you are a potential sponsor: take note! I am still hoping to be endorsed by a bacon company. I maintain that bacon is the perfect mid-race fuel and that I should be the face that promotes the idea.


I want to run a marathon in another state. I am open to suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

And now... my ideas for new products fellow Disney Runners would enjoy.

Proposed runDisney Merchandise for 2014

2013 seems to be the year that runDisney has presented us with a a number of (what I believe are) pretty absurd products. Not the least of which are commemorative race-specific shoe sole inserts. "Hey DisneyBride, I am going to hang my sweaty shoe insoles on the wall, right next to our medals." With each nostril insulting whiff, you will remember why we keep the running shoes in the garage. So in the interest of more crazy ideas, here are a few of mine. If you are reading this runDisney, I better get my cut.

Mickey Nipple Guards

Nipple chafing is serious. And crossing the finish line with bloody nipples is not very Disney. Mickey nipple guards serve the dual purpose in shielding younger spectators from a bloody running spectacle, and in bringing "Hidden Mickey" hunting to an entirely new level.

Jabba the Hut Anti-Chafing Gel 
No one knows chafing better than Jabba the Hut.  With everyone starved for Star Wars merchandise and/or a Star Wars themed race, the gentle giant is a marketer's dream. 

MuShu Alarm Clock (porridge sold separately)
Getting up for early races is the worst. I am glad Disney Bride wakes up easily for races (yet not any other time of the year). A small annoying dragon throwing insults is the perfect way to wake up and get you motivated - be it for race day or a training run. 

I had two other ideas, however, I don’t think a runDisney Bobcat Goldthwaite alarm clock would be approved for licensing. And the Sam Eagle “A Salute to All Nations (But Mostly America)” themed alarm clock complete with fireworks display may present a fire hazard.  But it really is so spectacular, I'm showing it here for your enjoyment.


If you ever see me write about how I love to get up early, rest assured I have become a zombie or have been replaced by an alien or robot. You will know what to do.

Grey Stuff Goo (energy gels)

Sugary, delicious, and portable fuel for running. This needs no further explanation. 


Finish Line Food: Tonga Toast with Pineapple DoleWhip topping

This combines two of my favorite Disney treats - in a cool, rush of sugary heaven. Perfect #Recovery food. Not merchandise per se, but this is what I want, so I assume everyone else wants it too. 

We just ran 26.2 miles and paid a lot of money to do so.  With an army of the finest chefs at their disposal, I think Disney can do better than three stale crackers and warm hummus.

So these are my top picks.

What products would you like to see runDisney offer?

-Disney Groom

Preparing to #runDisney in costume #DopeyChallenge #WDW10K #WDWMarathon #WDWHalf #WDW5K

I'm hard at work on our costumes for runDisney's Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend that is coming up ... erm.. next week. (YIKES! NEXT WEEK ALREADY! Where did the time go?)  And where are my helper mice when I need them???

No photos of the costumes themselves to share yet. But here's a peek at the characters we've selected.

If you've seen our previous race photos, you know we've done Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and of course Buzz Lightyear.  

Let me tell you how every single conversation we have about costumes go:

DisneyBride:  So did you decide what you want to wear for  "insert race name here"?
DisneyGroom:  I'm going to wear my Buzz spacesuit.
Walt Disney World Family 5K, January 2013

Oktoberfest 5K, Oct. 2013
DisneyBride:  (in my head:  FOR THE LOVE OF MICKEY, NOT AGAIN!!!)   [What I actually say:] Hmm.  Well, it's over 10 miles. Will you be comfortable?
DisneyGroom:  Ok, then I'll wear my Buzz costume from the Space Coast Marathon.
DisneyBride:  Hmm. That's a thought. (pause) Do you have any other ideas?
DisneyGroom: (thinks hard for a few minutes, then finally says:) I'll just wear a Buzz t-shirt with a pair of shorts.

runDisney Jingle Jungle 5K, Nov 2013

DisneyBride: (in my head: AHHH!!!) [what I really say:] Maybe... but let me think on it some more.

So you see what I am working with here.  A man with a one-track mind and a burning desire to be a Space Ranger . 

Space Ranger Spin. PERFECT SCORE almost every time.

One who wore his Buzz spacesuit to a kid's birthday party.  Don't get me wrong. I love it. And I encourage it.  But with Dopey coming up, we needed more options.  

And I am pleased to say he was willing to break out of his Space Ranger comfort zone.  He did want to sneak in a Buzz costume for marathon weekend, but then I reminded him of Glass Slipper Challenge + Royal Family 5K, Dumbo Double Dare, and also Wine & Dine.  So, don't worry.  I have no doubt, you will all see DisneyGroom in his spacesuit again. 

This is what we came up with for next week's races.  

Darth Vader, because he already has a helmet and cape, and the 5K distance would be all he could tolerate these.

WALL-E.  We thought it would be tricky to pull off, but so far it is not proving to be difficult.  Since we both really love the movie and DG's family and childhood friends all call him Wally, I think our 10K costumes are appropriate and meaningful.

Sam Eagle: DG is very patriotic and politically conservative.  In fact, we first met and became friends through conservative political circles.  Sam is a kindred spirit.  A group of friends from Run Disney So I Can Eat Disney is running the Half together, and they will be dressed in Muppet-themed costumes. This will be the most challenging costume to make, but it's coming along.  

Mr. Incredible. Can't say that I blame him, but for 26.2 miles, he wants the most minimal costume possible.  No bells and whistles here. The simplicity fits the bill.  As does the name.  I'm so proud of my "Incredible, Dopey Space Ranger". 

I will only be doing the Inaugural 10K, as I am also volunteering at the Half.  My other duties that weekend are to be DG's one woman chEAR squad for the 5K and Full.   

WALL-E and EVE are one of those epic PIXAR romances.  

Our love story has been no less epic.  Since I will only get to do one race with my DisneyGroom during that weekend, I wanted our costumes to be special.  

So there it is.  You'll see us next week in our completed running costumes.  For better or for worse, as I am still trying to make a few things work.

Are you dressing up?
How are you doing with your costumes?
Please share what you plan to wear at your next race!

Run Happy!

Dopey Trial Run(s)

This past weekend was my last weekend before the all important taper.  While I have run a couple of Marathons in the last couple of months, I was a little worried about running four days back to back.  I had concerns about how my legs would hold up.  So Thursday I ran 3 miles, Friday 6 miles, Saturday 10 miles, and Sunday 20 miles.  Finally, given my hard learned lesson from the Apalachicola Bay Marathon, I ran the majority of the miles on sidewalks.  

Note: This post lacks my normal sense of humor.  I will make sure to add it back in when I recap my actual experience during the Dopey Challenge.  


I am not a fan of running at night; I didn’t get to start this run until about 8:30pm.  Also, I dislike road running, so the sidewalks in my neighborhood were no fun for me.  However, with a cool breeze and perfect weather, I seemed to fly down the road.  I probably went out too fast and have made a mental note to slow down for the 5k during Dopey.  


Feeling good from the run the day before, I definitely ran Friday far too fast.  Once again, the weather was beautiful and I seemed to forget about my hatred of sidewalks.  This time, I made sure to get the run in early to make sure I could make it to my movie date with DisneyBride.  Again, I need to make sure to keep the pace down for Dopey.


I had a hard time getting up for this run.  I was more sore than I had originally expected.  However, I was heading back to some of my favorite trails for this run.  The always supportive Disney Bride joined me for a run at the same time.  After shaking off the soreness, the run was quite nice.  I had expected this run to be far more taxing that it actually was.  Finishing the run strong, I looked forward to the challenge of the 20 mile run the next day.   


Surprisingly, I was not sore at all when I woke up Sunday Morning.  After my normal pre-run breakfast, I headed out for 13.1 miles.  It is quite amazing how much farther everything is when you are on foot.  I rarely run from my house, so I did not really have a gauge of how far 13 miles was from my house.  The run felt great, everything was clicking and I had a amazing run.  Returning home, I grabbed Disney Bride for 7 more miles on a local trail to get to my desired mileage.  With the mileage complete we celebrated with Thai food.

Lessons Learned

While I now have no doubts that I can finish the distance.  I need to make sure not to burn myself out during the 5k or 10k.  

Rest and a good nights sleep are going to be key.  I am not a morning person, getting up at 3:00am for four day straight is far more scary than the mileage.  Further, I need to avoid the lure of the parks and Downtown Disney.  DisneyBride is going to have to run around the House of Mouse on her own.  

I have no time goal in mind for the race and I really believe that that will make the experience much more enjoyable.  

I hope my fellow Dopey Challengers had excellent training runs this weekend, and they went as well as mine did.  Don’t forget Dopey is fun!  Don’t stress about time and just enjoy the course.  I look forward to seeing everyone on January 8th.

The bling awaits!  

-Disney Groom

Bad Case of the Tapers #runDisney style

Yep, we've both got it.  A bad bad case of the Tapers.

What are the Tapers?  
Glad you asked.

In this case only, don't listen to Kim Possible.  She's got it all wrong here.  Tapers are NOT 'the vapors'.

Yes, I know it does sound a lot like "vapors".  But trust me on this, let's not confuse it with the mysterious affliction so common among Victorian women.

Quick! Get this girl some electrolytes!

What about this?  Is this the Tapers?

Malayan Tapir:  Tapirus indicus

Still no. But I guess we are getting closer.

Definition from Running World:  

Taper, or tapering, refers to the reduction of exercise before a competition or race. Tapering is believed to be essential for best performance and can take from as little to a week to two or three weeks.

That's right. Reduction of exercise to improve performance.  

My next running event is the Swamp Trail Half Marathon on January 5th, followed by the 10K during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  DisneyGroom's next event is the runDisney Dopey Challenge: the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon during the same weekend.  

Many of you are in the same boat - big races those first few weeks in January.  And you've prepared too, right along with us.

For months or weeks you've sacrificed: sleeping in, time spent with loved ones, donuts, adult beverages, and other things you love.

  • You've logged countless miles on the road, trail, or treadmill. 

  • You've analyzed your pace, your nutrition, your salt and caloric intake. 
  • You've fantasized the entire course over and over again, even planning your potty breaks.
  • You've got a spot at home picked out to display your medal(s).
  • You've identified issues and potential pitfalls and have a plan to overcome them.
  • You've worked really hard, are very determined, and can actually taste the success.  And now... 

And now you feel like a racehorse hitched to a donkey cart.

Or like poor Maximus here.

"I'm ready!", you cry.

"I'm NOT ready... but bring it anyway," others say. That would be me.

Let me tell ya - I'm there. We both are.  We've been figuratively racing to our goals, and here we are. So close. And we have to slow it down.

Is there anything I can do?

Yes.  The Tapers is a very treatable affliction.

Trust in the wisdom of the training plan that got you here.  

For DisneyGroom it was Jeff Galloway's Goofy Challenge training plan, that he began last August - modified to include two fall marathons. Then tweaked in early November to accommodate for back to back long runs.  He carefully stuck to his plan, rarely veering off track.  Logging his miles with the 26.2 Galloway training app by lolo.  I would be a nervous wreck, but I have no doubt, my husbeast will cruise through the Dopey Challenge. He will be his usual calm self, take it at a nice slow pace, and be ready to party in the parks afterwards.  That's how he rolls.  

For me, well... let's just say, I am a lot less disciplined. Sporadic bursts of training runs and a fair amount of long walks.  But I did find that using a Gymboss Interval Timer helped me be a bit more consistent- both for short and long runs.  Also, unlike my superhero hubs, I have a local half marathon, followed by 'just a 10K' at Disney the following week.  Given the way I ahem 'train', I knew Dopey was way outta my league.  I won't be setting any course records, but I can handle my distance.  

Heed whatever remains of your training plan. 

It got you this far, so stick to it. It may be tempting to do more - what am I saying? It is very tempting.  But Don't Do It. You are not going to get any faster in the next two weeks.  Keep running at an easy steady pace.  Don't go too far or too fast.  Save it for race day.

Take care of You.

Don't injure yourself. Rest. Eat well. Hydrate.  I know it's winter, but drink your water!  Get plenty of sleep (did you know your muscles repair themselves while you sleep?). Wash your hands often and do your very best to not catch a cold or flu.


11 days to go, Dopey Challengers.
You worked hard. You got this.

But this is so frustrating!  

Taper tantrums are a real thing. They ain't pretty.

We totally get it.

And for your loved ones that DON'T get it:  feel free to share the following educational video from Oiselle with them.   (It's funny, I promise.)

You and me, let's go have a snack and daydream about the finish line.

Run Happy!


Groovy Baby Action Gear Review & Giveaway {Closed}

Let me tell you what I love about Groovy Baby Action Gear arm sleeves. hmmm...  EVERYTHING! 

Several months ago, I stumbled upon Groovy Baby Action Gear through social media. The name caught my eye right away - and then... 

then I went to their etsy shop. 

And I felt like a kid pressing his nose up against a candy store window. 

You know the feeling: everything is bright, colorful, enticing. 

You want it all! But have no idea where to start. Yeah... that's what it felt like. 

So let me break it down, with the Top Five Things I love most about Groovy Baby Action Gear:

1) Selection 

The first thing is the sheer volume of choice! 





Yep. All that and then some! 

2) Appearance 
Arm Candy for Runners is right.  Tasty confections of colors, prints, and lycra.
Eye-catching and unique. The armsleeves just look good. Owner/Runner/Designer-Extraordinaire Katie Dean is a true artist.

3) Functionality 

Our winters in Florida are mercifully brief, but early morning race starts demand something more than my usual tank top - shorts combo.  Cold arms or calves?  No more.  The sleeves don't just look good.  Made of a stretchy lycra material, they will actually keep your muscles nice and warm while you run.   

Runners with longer winter seasons will really appreciate the option of these sleeves.  And if you start to get too warm, then peel them off and stuff them into a pocket.  They roll up small. 


If you have ever read this blog, you know that DisneyGroom and I love to wear costumes for races.  RunDisney events definitely call for costumes.  But we try to do costumes or other fun dress up elements at other local races, if we don't do a full blown costume.  Katie's sleeves are perfect for this - either as a part of  full costume, or as a stand alone accessory to bring a little sparkle to your running clothes.

These beauties are in my favorite color: teal.  And SPARKLY!  So far, I've only worn them with regular running clothes - but I'm still putting together a Princess Jasmine costume for an upcoming runDisney race. These are perfect for that.

Love them!

Here are some more of the Princess sleeves pictured.  As you can see, there are many options to create a running-friendly costume.

I am showing some of the Princess sleeves here because these happen to be some of my favorites.  But if you want Minnie Mouse, Maleficent, Wonder Woman, Batman...  you're covered.  Katie has made them all.  Which brings me to my next favorite thing I want to discuss.

5) Customization

Want pockets? Want a certain color or print? Don't see exactly what you want?  Then just ask.  Groovy Baby Action Gear will come up with fabric combinations and custom embroidery that is sure to please.  

Remember what I said about the designer being an artist?  Totally not exaggerating. Each pair of sleeves is created by someone with a passion for what she does.  The creative flair is evident in all the thoughtful little details. 

The Groovy Baby Action Gear etsy shop is not fully representative of Katie's creations.  Be sure to check out the Pinterest page - to see dozens more past offerings and unique items. Check out this fabulous embroidered terrycloth sweat cuff Katie came up with for one of my running groups.  She even put in a great pocket to stash things like keys, cash, and fuel.

And here is a cheesy photobomb, as I tried to get an action shot on a local trail. Hope my friend Margaret doesn't kill me for posting this photo of her...

GBAG sleeves are not just useful, but great fun.  I promise everywhere you go, people will ask where you got them.

Now for your chance to win your very own Runner Arm Candy!  Please review the terms and enter below:

Terms of the Giveaway:

1) Giveaway begins Monday December 17th and ends Tuesday December 24 at midnight. Winner will be announced on this blog, and notified on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, 2013.
2) Must be 18 years or older to enter. Must be a U.S. resident. 
3) Sign in through Rafflecopter below to enter. With your first entry, the app will only capture your e-mail or facebook name. This is so we can reach you if you win, in accordance with sweepstakes terms. Your contact info will ONLY be used to contact you if you win.
4) There are additional opportunities for multiple entries.
5) One winner will receive a pair of Groovy Baby Action Gear arm sleeves of his/her choice.

6) The winner will be chosen at random using the rafflecopter app below.
7) In the event the winner does not respond to contact attempts via e-mail or facebook name provided within a one week period, another winner will be selected at random.
8) Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait for the contest to end? Then use our code: RunningHappily and get 15% off your first order.

Disclosure of Material Connection: We were not financially compensated for this post. I received ONE pair of sleeves to review. All opinions stated are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2014 Waivers and Corral Assignments

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend runners,

Those of you awaiting your official waivers and corral assignments with bated breath, you may now exhale.  RunDisney has published them today!  http://www.rundisney.com/disneyworld-marathon/ Go to that link and select Runner Info, then Final Race Instructions to get there... Or - just use the links below.

Step 1:
Find your bib number:
Click here to download and print your race number pick-up/waiver form now!

Step 2:
Find your event below:

Dopey Challenge

Goofy Challenge


Half Marathon

*10K corral assignments have not been released of this publication. I will update this post when they have been.

Step 3:
Print out your waiver and keep on training.  We'll see you in 27 days.

Run Happily!

Space Coast Marathon recap: To the Finish Line and Beyond

Thanksgiving weekend was a whirlwind for DisneyBride and I.  We literally criss-crossed the state. First, Thanksgiving Day with my family in Cape Coral, Florida. Then, Black Friday with DB’s family in Tampa. Then, Saturday through Sunday, Cocoa Beach for the Space Coast Marathon.  Finally, back to 'the scene of the crime', Walt Disney World, for our anniversary.  

I won’t review Thanksgiving, other than to mention we organized a color run for our nieces.  It was enjoyed by (almost) everyone.   Now to the race.

After driving clear across the state on Saturday we arrived at the Kennedy Space Center.   I dropped off DB and headed to find a parking space.  The location for packet pick-up makes perfect sense for the world's only space themed marathon.  Some signage would have been helpful to let the runners know to pick up limited access tickets before waiting in the security line.  I saw the table by luck, however, DB and many other runners were surprised to find out after waiting in  the security line that they needed the tickets to enter.  

Once in the convention center, the pick-up location for bib and bag check bag are right up front.  I didn’t see the volunteers out front giving out your bib number.  Thankfully, the volunteer took a few seconds to look us up.  

With my bib in hand, we headed for our shirts and moon pies.  Yep, moon pie.  Ok, I grabbed a couple.  They are delicious.  

The expo was much smaller than I had expected.  I realize that this has historically been a local race.  But, they have been advertising this race across the country so I had expected more in the way of retailers.  There were a few representatives from other Florida races.  I was lucky enough to win the giveaway for a free race entry to a new race: Excalibur 10 miler.  And I got a look at the big display case with the entire Big Bang Series medals.

My love of bacon is no secret.  So, it should be no surprise that I participated in the Endurance Sports Connection Three Little Pigs Challenge.  DB and I went to the meetup to pick up my swag and to get a better idea of where the tent would be on race day.  Why yes, that is a Bacon Suit shirt. Thanks for asking.

I must say that I am a little bummed the 3 Little Pigs medals will be mailed out late December and were not available race day. (We were told this ahead of time; it was not a surprise).  

Waking up early on race mornings is never fun.  Fortunately, we had the room packed up and our race clothes laid out the night before.  DB does this whole Flat Monica and Flat Walt thing to figure out if we are missing anything.

So in a few short minutes, we were dressed, packed, and on our way to the race.  We stayed at Cocoa Inn, one of the host motels for the race. They had prepared a bagged breakfast for all the runners since we would be leaving before the kitchen opened.  It was a nice touch.  

The starting area had as much enthusiasm as any race I have participated in.  Tons of volunteers, tons of spectators, and about 5,000 runners.  They split the start times and at 6:00 am DB was off with the half marathon runners.  After sending DB off, I set out to find a Galloway pace group.  After talking with a few of the leaders, I settled on the 5:15 group.  Later, I would find this to be a mistake.  

The race started with the singing of the national anthem and a big flat screen showing a shuttle launch countdown and blast-off.  This was a very nice touch.  As I followed the pace group, I felt like we were running too fast and walking too slow.  I managed to keep up with the group until about mile 11.  I was burnt out.  I looked at my half split time and I still managed to walk about 2 miles and come across the line several minutes ahead of schedule.  I may eventually try to track down a bib of a runner from the pace group and see if it was just my perception.  From this point, I just didn’t feel like this was my race.  I just finished out the race at my own pace.  

The course was an out and back, with the second half of the Marathon course being the entire Half Marathon course. I found DisneyBride heading back on the last leg of her Half, as I was in my second half of the course. It was great seeing her on the course, even though it was just a few seconds. We both look pretty tired at this point.

The beautifully flat course was full of spectators.  People set up chairs outside their homes and cheered us all on.  Several clubs set up tents and/or chairs for runners.  Providing everything from beer and margaritas, to oranges and pretzels.  And, lets not forget the amazing bacon tent.  

The numerous water stops (approximately every mile) were manned by extremely enthusiastic volunteers.   Many of whom had dressed for the occasion.  My favorite was the water stop in the 2nd half of the race that had several fellow Space Rangers. Even for a back of the pack runner, the stops were well supplied with drinks and Gu.

I had a great time on the course chatting with other runners and bumping into several friends we have made through runDisney events.  

Despite my super awesome jet pack with wings... I crossed the finish line without a new PR.  I guess that will have to wait for a future race.

Once across the finish, I received my finishers medal (This thing is huge!), my race towel, and walked over for a post race picture and my breakfast.  

I only have one complaint about the race.  It did not appear to have adequate medical support on course or the finish line.   I watched several runners get medical attention from spectators or fellow runners.  Apparently, there were several medical tents on the course; I only saw one.  At the finish line I watched several runners tending to broken toes and perhaps other broken bones in their feet (one runners feet looked like they had frost bite- really gross).  

One really cool moment, DB had post-race.  She found Jeff Galloway shortly after he crossed the finish line.  He had attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon - and he had just gotten his Boston Qualifying time.  He told her: by six seconds.  That's awesome and we are really happy for Jeff, as we know this was a goal of his this year.

DB wanted to mention that there was a really inspirational runner at this event. Blind runner Candice Jordan, bib # 2356 walked the Half assisted by her guide dog, and led by Peterann Siehl bib #1583.  Lots of amazing runners out there - but this one was particularly noteworthy.  Candice and her trusty guidedog got a lot of well-earned cheers that day.

I look forward to doing this race again.  The race was obviously experiencing some growing pains with the big increase in registrations this year. Most likely due to the Big Bang Series medals.  I hope the race organizers learned from the experience and make this great race even better.   I can’t wait to see everyone again on November 30, 2014!

I mentioned that after my Marathon, we headed to Walt Disney World for our Anniversary. DB will be recapping that leg of the trip. There was no running involved - just recovery. But hey, that's part of the training process too.

So finally, a pic for my buddy, Larry.  He and his wife were registered for the Full and Half respectively, but didn't make it.  

Larry, I just wanted to let you know that a moon pie tastes even more delicious when one is wearing an awesome race shirt, wrapped in an amazing towel, and adorned in what is perhaps the coolest finisher medal ever. Hopefully you two can make it to Space Coast next year.

Here I am hanging out at home - enjoying my Space Swag


If you haven't already entered, check out this week's blog giveaway - a free entry to a Spartan Race.