Review & Giveaway: I'm not a Hippie Runner, but I play one on TV {Closed}

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So a little over a month ago, DB asks if I am willing to product test some items. With my desire to make my running habit revenue-neutral, and with much of my running gear reaching the end of its life span, I said 'Yes'.  The products I will be reviewing are a headband and a running belt.  My running belt is starting to show its age, and I almost always carry it with me on a run.  So that is perfect.  But, I have never run with a headband.  However, I am a bigger guy, and I wear glasses, so keeping sweat out of my eyes is an ongoing issue.  I constantly see DB run with sparkly pink headbands and neon pink belts, so I am slightly concerned about being outfitted in something similar.  But, I am promised 'guy-friendly' colors for both items.

DB then tells me the name of the company is “Hippie Runner Funktional Runwear".  Immediately I think, “Um, won’t a hemp headband be itchy?”. Let's find out, shall we?

I ran wearing the headband and the belt on several short runs 3-6 miles and 2 long runs 9+ miles.  I have to say that any apprehension I had about a headband quickly disappeared.  It took me a little while to get used to having the headband on, but it did its job well.  Even in the extreme heat and humidity of Florida, I had very little sweat dripping into my eyes. 

Once I became accustomed to the headband, I didn't even notice it was there.  It was very comfortable, and held exactly where I put it.  Further, it worked nicely with my visor.  I was concerned that I may have some chafing on a longer run with the headband and visor, not the case. 

Now to the running belt, this thing is amazing!  As a guy, I love pockets!  This belt has two.  I am always paranoid of losing my keys while trying to fish something out of the belt I currently own.  But this one has a separate small pocket, or as I like to call it- “The separate key pocket to keep me from constantly checking to make sure my car key is still with me”.  The larger pocket easily accepted my iPhone plus two sleeves of my favorite running fuel. 

As mentioned before, I am not a twig.  I am a larger guy, so I have a protrusion around my mid section and I bounce when I run.  This belt held snug.  Let me say that again.  The belt held snug.  This thing is made very well.  Solid elastic strapping, adjustable length, a sturdy clasp, secure elastic loops to hold gels or sleeves of your preferred fuel, and a very handy method of attaching race bibs.  Hippie Runner provides two zip-tie like devices, but they are reusable and much sturdier than what you think of when you think of a zip ties.  I found these easier to use than the elastic cord and toggle based option on my current belt.

The aptly-named "Go Belt" held both my iPhone and my fuel in place.  I didn’t even notice the belt was there.  A big improvement over my current belt that does bounce, not to mention the key issue discussed earlier. In case you were wondering, the headbands or running belts are made of a very stretchy nylon/lycra fabric- no hemp in sight.

Other things I like:
Running gear can get very pricey, but Hippie Runner is looking out for you. $5 for print or solid headbands, $7 for slogan headbands and LESS than $20 for a belt!  
Broad selection of colors, prints, and slogans.  You are sure to find something.   
Finally, products are Made in the USA, right in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now for the the giveaway info:
  • Up for grabs is a BELT and MATCHING HEADBAND in the groovy "Fanciful Flowers" print. (Pictured)
  • Enter using the rafflecopter below.
  • Giveaway runs:  June 24 through June 30 midnight.
  • Winner will be announced July 1.
  • We will only ship your prize to a US or US military address.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received one headband and one racebelt mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. All opinions stated are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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#DisneyRunFest Monsters University 5K Fun Run

DisneyLand Half and Tower of Terror weekends seem like they are ages away.  Are you a runDisney junkie in need a fix?  Well, there is a cure.  Today, I wanted to plug the amazing #DisneyRunFest weekend events being organized by Erin of For the Love of Disney Running.  Erin has organized a 5K for Disney Social Media Moms #DisneySMMoms and Disney running fans. #DisneyRunFest is set to coincide with the release of Disney Pixar's new Monsters University movie.

On Friday, June 21, runners will see the new movie AND run 3.1 miles around the Boardwalk and up to Disney Hollywood Studios.

Photos, laughter, and fun will be the order of the day.  Costumes are not required - but what's a Disney run without dressing up? And with a Monstrous number of possibilities...  it sounds like a screaming good time to me!

If you are visiting WDW this weekend or are lucky enough to be a Central Florida local, check out the event at:

And if you can't make it that night, there are other #DisneyRunFest activities going on that weekend.  Erin has posted an itinerary here:  This is a weekend not to be missed!

Unfortunately, we won't be travelling down there this weekend. So I will be absolutely glued to twitter for photos and updates as they happen.


Motivation Monday: What moves you?

What moves you?

I mean both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

What makes you get out of bed and lace up your running shoes?
What touches your heart and makes you want to take action, big or small - but an action?

For me, today, it is Little Runner Avery

7 Years Old.  Yes, seven.

Avery is an inspiring little girl who is running a 5K every month this year.  She is bringing awareness to a worthy cause, Pancreatic Cancer Research.  She has a really big fundraising goal, but a can-do attitude to match.

To help Avery reach her goals, you can donate here:

When you hit the pavement or trails today, think about Little Avery.  
One runner, young and small as she is - making a difference.

Tell us: what moves you?

Earning My Glass Slipper

These past two weeks have been full-on Princess Half Marathon, Enchanted 10K, and Glass Slipper Challenge (Half +10K) frenzy, with the early registration, general registration, and the unfortunate #PrincessGate2014. (This was the name given to the events surrounding the leaked link that made the rounds, resulting in several sign-ups even before the official early registration.) But things are settling down a bit now.  The Glass Slipper Challenge predictably sold out.  Spots are still left in the new 10K and the Princess Half as I am posting this, but not for long.

The Princess Half is really precious to us.  In the first place, as newlyweds it gave us both a common goal to strive for.  The first year of our marriage was an extended runDisney-fueled Disneymoon (a trend that seems to be continuing...).   It was a race that we planned for, worked for, and in the process of preparing for, introduced us to the runDisney community we adore.  

I have tentatively reserved a spot in the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge. I say tentatively because we have several other events happening in February that may conflict with Princess weekend.  So I can't make a big exciting announcement at the moment that I am definitely running.  I should know more in the next few weeks. (crossing fingers)

Unfortunately, DisneyGroom will not be running Princess next year as he has a 200 mile relay for charity he will be organizing next February,  in addition to the running and fundraising for the same event.  He will be be putting up more info about this in the weeks to come, as he works out the details and assembles his team.  So no, I would not be running with my Prince/Space Ranger.  However, I wouldn't be alone as I have many friends running PHM and also GSC.

One of these friends, a fellow Princess, Amanda from the Never On Your Own blog, is running the Glass Slipper Challenge through a charity.  Princess Amanda is really on the ball, because her fundraising has already begun!  She is hosting a fantastic virtual run with a wonderful Cinderella theme.  

Here are the deets:

Name:  Earning My Glass Slipper
Benefits:  Give Kids the World
Distance: run 1.93 miles OR run 19.3 miles (Yay for options - and the 19.3 can be spread out over several days)
Fee: $19.30
Bling: the only difference in the two medals is your mileage engraving on top of the clock

Whether you are a bling collector, adore the Cinderella story, or want to support a children's charity - this virtual run is too good to pass up!

Also, I will add that Amanda is not a newbie to organizing virtual runs for a cause.  DG and I were both among the many to recently run the very sweet 'Dino Day 5K'.  We earned ourselves a T-Rex medal (yes, I said a T-rex medal), and helped out a family with a sick child in the process.   So she is a reputable organizer: facebook event page, regular updates and reminders, medals were delivered on time as promised, all that good stuff. 

I've already signed up and joined the Facebook event page.  Here is the link for more info and I do hope you check it out - AND leave a comment to let me know if you register!


Spartan Race giveaway winner! Aroo!

A winner has been selected in our Spartan Race giveaway! Congrats to Larry H.! There were many awesome entries and I only wish I had a dozen entries to give away.  But the promise of selecting a running costume for someone else's Spartan Race could not be passed up.  In fact, as the chosen race day approaches we will be calling upon our blog readers to vote on costume choices!

If you didn't win, take note of the sidebar, we have a great 15% discount for you for any Spartan event in the US.

Wordless Wednesday: National Running Day

Save image.
Fill in the blank.
Hang it up for all to enjoy.
Now go run!

Spartan Race Giveaway! #Aroo! {Closed}

This Giveaway has closed.  Check our most recent postings for other great giveaways.

Today, we have a free entry into any open Spartan Race heat in the continental United States. 

I have wanted to run a Spartan Race for a while now.  Perhaps after I complete the Dopey Challenge next year, I’ll take one on.  Don’t get confused, a Spartan Race is not like any runDisney event we often blog about.  There are no costumed smiling characters to greet you along the course, only obstacles to challenge your body and mind.  Spartan Races challenge the entire body, from your feet all the way to your head.

Do you have what it takes?

Mulan would be an incredible Spartan warrior, just saying  ~DB

The Spartan Race offers events for all abilities, ranging from 3 to 12+ miles with 15-25+ obstacles.  Perhaps you will eventually work your way through all the options in a single year and become a member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe.  
While I have not inquired about yelling cheesy Spartan themed movie lines, I am sure they would be greatly appreciated as you are conquering the obstacles.  
Watch the video below for more information about each of the races.  The inspiring sound track alone should get you to move away from your keyboard and start training.

Because I am not DisneyBride, I am going to run my giveaway in an entirely different manner. No rafflecopter.  I don't even fully understand what that is... 

To enter this giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this blog entry. Be clever, be funny, be creative! I will choose the comment that impresses me the most. 

2. One entry per person, per day.  Yes that means you can wait 24 hours and post another clever or funny comment.

Comments must be posted by midnight June 7th. Winner of the Spartan Race entry will be announced June 8th.

What should your comment be? Since I don’t want to inhibit your creativity, I haven’t figured out exactly what I want.  Go crazy!  You can tell me why you want to run a Spartan Race, tell me something funny, tell me why I am the greatest, or what ever floats your boat! (DisneyBride wants me to remind you that this is a family-friendly blog; so be creative, but G-rated - or at least PG). 

Is it arbitrary? Yes.  
Is it going to be awesome? Yes.  
Should you come back and read the comments on our blog daily? YES!  

Bring your “A” game, consider it the beginning of your mental training for the Spartan Race.  

If you are not the winner of the giveaway, you can still be a Spartan Warrior.  Please use this link for 15% off any Spartan Race.  And if you running Tampa or Miami next spring, I hope to be there as well - so please say hello.  Finally, for more information on dates and locations of future races, see the Spartan Race website


Disclosure of Material Connection: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received ONE code only - to host a giveaway. All opinions stated are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”